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Update on Big Red

Winter is pretty much over at our home in northern Wisconsin.  Riding season is near  and in some places is in full swing.  The Covid crap has been hard on all of us.  We got the vaccine and encourage all to do the same.  IT IS YOUR CHOICE HOWEVER.

Riding a motorcycle is one thing you can do regardless of the Covid crap.  Outside and in the wind.  The virus can't catch you when on the road.  So get on the road with you favorite passenger and put on some miles.  While on the road stay hydrated.  Make carrying water easy by using the BIKER BABE BEVERAGE BRA. Order yours today.

DON'T WAIT!!!!!!!!

You may have noticed a slight change to our website.  We no longer offer the LITTLE BLACK BAG for sale by itself.  The bag is now only available if ordered with the BEVERAGE BRA.  The mfg cost of the bag in conjunction with the shipping cost makes it cost prohibitive to sell as a stand alone product.

If you are a dealer give us a call for special dealer pricing.  If you are not a dealer, ask YOUR dealer to check us out and order the product into their store.




You can now mail in an order.  We have added a downloadable order form.

Click on the products page, and you will be able to see the highlighted text on the bottom of the page.  Click on the highlighted text, to retrieve the order form, print it out, fill it in, and include your method of payment.  Send to Big Red's and we will take it from there.


Free shipping is included for the lower 48.  We have recently received  orders with shipment to Canada.  The shipping rate to an International destination is outragious no matter what shipping method we use.  So if you live outside  of the lower US, please give us a call so we can talk about your options.

  Thanks for Visiting Big Red's LLCThe

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439% increase in sales in 2015
  • Great product.  We use ours all the time!
    William - WI
  • I love the product.  We don't go on road trips without it.
    Virginia - WI
  • The product sells itself.
    Tom - Dealer in WI


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Biker Babe Beverage Bra and Little Black BagBiker Babe Beverage Bra and Little Black BagBiker Babe Beverage Bra and Little Black BagBiker Babe Beverage Bra and Little Black BagBiker Babe Beverage Bra and Little Black Bag